6 Weeks – 3 Years

Explore is a place for babies to explore who God is through the love, care, and prayer they receive from our volunteers, and for toddlers to explore who God is through age-appropriate Bible stories, activities, worship, and prayer.

Pre-k – Kindergarten

Discover is a place where children can have fun, play games, and build relationships with each other. Our leaders help children discover who God is and learn about His great love for us.

Grades 1st – 2nd

Mission is where kids can have fun, make friends, and find a place to belong. Our leaders aim to help kids BELIEVE in God and understand what it means to live like a Christian.

Grades 3rd – 5th

Adventure is where children learn exciting tales that help kids learn about the biblical topics taught each weekend in church.


Baby/Child Dedications signifies the parent’s commitment to raising their child in a Godly manner.


We believe there is no “Jr. Holy Spirt” and that anyone, even children can come to the decision to follow Christ. 


It’s the outward expression of your child’s inner commitment to God and publicly celebrate their new life in Christ.